AGREEMENT on the use of the in-house Internet access via WiFi.

  1. Permission to gratuitous shared The owner operates in its Bowling Center (BCB) Internet access. It allows the guest for the duration of his stay in the BCB a shared wireless access to the Internet. The shared use is granted as a gratuitous service of the BCB and is revocable at any time. The guest has no right to authorize third parties to use the wireless network. The owner is entitled at any time, completely, partially or temporarily cease operation of the wireless network to allow further co user and to limit the access of the guest totally, partially or temporarily or exclude. The owner especially reserves, in its sole discretion and at any time to block access to certain sites or services via the WLAN (eg violent, pornographic or paid sites).
  2. All login credentials (username and password) are intended only for personal use of the guest and may not be disclosed under any circumstances to third parties. The guest is obliged to keep his access data secret. The owner always has the right to change access codes.
  3. Notes, dangers of wireless use, the guest is noted that the traffic produced using the wireless network is not encrypted. The data can be viewed by third parties may therefore. The WLAN only allows access to the Internet. The contents retrieved are not verified by the owner, in particular to see whether they contain malicious software. The use of the wireless network at your own risk and at their own risk of the guest. The owner would like to emphasize that the risk of malware (such as viruses, trojans, worms, etc.) gets in the use of WLANs to the terminal.
  4. For the data about undrawn paid services and made transactions transmitted over the wireless network of the guest is responsible. He is obliged to comply with the law in force when using the wireless network. He will in particular:
  5. The guest is the owner of all damages and claims by third parties that are based on an unlawful use of WLANs by the guest and / or on a breach of this Agreement, this also extends to the use of, or their defense related costs and expenses. Detects the guest or he needs to realize that such a violation of law and / or such a breach or threat, it identifies the holder attention to that fact.